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Ivakota's Book Club is a prompt for musicians and visual artists, asking them to respond

to works of literature, philosophy, and science writing with music and images.


For each installment, a handful of musicians and visual artists are chosen to create

individual responses to a pre-selected book, book excerpt, or other piece of writing, in

whatever fashion they choose – a literal or abstract response to the ideas it contains.


Each musician is invited to spend a day at Ivakota to create the work, and each project

culminates with an artist talk at the studio when all works are complete. Both the songs

and limited edition prints of the visual artists' responses to the book are made available

for purchase online, with all proceeds donated to charity.

Book Club is organized by by Ivakota's Ben Green and artist Marissa Long.


A retelling of part of the Old English poem Beowulf from the perspective of its antagonist.

Visual artists:  Becca KallemBonner Sale  LIMITED EDITION POSTERS (click here)

Bands:  Collider FuzzQueen / Frend    SONGS (click here)

Release date:  July 2018

Donations: All proceeds from this Book Club installment are donated to the Literacy Lab, a DC organization 

providing individual reading instruction for low income and homeless children.

Audio Archive of BOOK CLUB 1:  forthcoming.

Grendel tracks recorded at Ivakota: Collider: King of Gods  /  Frend: I am Grendel  /  FuzzQueen: Gefion

Note: The purchase of a poster via our Bandcamp site includes automatic download of all three Grendel-inspired tracks.

Visual artist responses:



























                              Becca Kellem, Mysterious Things













                              Bonner Sale, How special you really are

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