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Ivakota is a beautiful and unique recording and rehearsal space in the Capitol Hill neighborhood of Washington DC, founded by producer/engineer Ben Green.

The atmosphere at Ivakota is unlike most traditional recording studios – which can sometimes feel lab-like and sterile. The studio here is warm, comfortable and inviting, with tall cathedral ceilings and natural light from four skylights. The large tracking room and multiple isolation rooms make it an excellent and versatile space to record full bands live. Because of the unique visual feel of the studio, it is also a great location for video and photography.

The studio is located in the Kings Court alley, four blocks from both the Stadium Armory and Potomac Ave Metro stops. It is an easy ten minute walk to 8th St SE, which has some of the city's best dining. The studio offers basic lodging in addition to recording – which makes it a great option for bands looking to hole up and focus, while being in the heart of DC's Capitol Hill community.

Some people who have worked here include: Laufey, Bartees Strange, Merci, Drook, Ex Hex, Massie, Cigarette, Des Demonas, Nate Bergman, Darkest Hour, Broke Royals, Nate Smith, Oh He Dead, Milo In the Doldrums. 

See the Events page for info about upcoming workshops and gatherings.


It was no thought or word that called culture into being, but a tool or a weapon. After the stone axe we needed song and story to remember innocence, to record effect - and so to describe the limits, to say what can be done without damage.

                                                                                                                                                                  -Wendell Berry



I founded Ivakota with one real aim in mind: to bring to DC proper a big, comfortable, workhorse studio where regular working bands and weird musician-types can afford to record.

There are a lot of barriers to being a musician in this city. I've seen a lot of people leave over my lifetime here. I'm hoping to help with that a little bit.

This studio is meant to be worked in. It is not pristine. It is not like a laboratory. It is an awesome relaxing space.

I have oriented the studio towards longer, carefully-intentioned projects. I want to think about what we're doing, and why, and get the right work done in the time it takes.

I think about the studio and the recordists' role in music a lot. Recording stories for posterity is a basic human tradition, and in service to the culture of the recordist's community, locality, and is a kind of stewardship of the particular time one lives in. I don't wholly identify with many "studio people" because I don't care that much about many of the things regular studio people obsess over. I am a musician who records other musicians. My sessions feel like that. I'm interested in working on cool, innovative, strange records that bring something different into the world. If you dig that too, we'll probably work well together.

Let's make stuff.


(You can read more about me at )


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Full Day (8 hours, give or take) - $550

Half Day (5 Hours, hard stop) - $300

Hourly (under 5 hours) - $100 setup, plus $40 per hour


$250 Per song with 3 revisions. After that, $75 per revision

CLASSES (read more)

Immersive one-on-one class - $500 per month or $300 per month


NOTE: Stems are NOT raw multitracks (which are always free). They are stereo subgroups of finished mixes.

If you'd like stems of your mixed songs - each song is $40 to prepare and deliver.

A Note About Recording Rates and Booking: 

The rates above are for artists, bands and musicians. If you are a corporation or governmental institution, different rates apply - inquire within.

I believe in a haggle-free relationship with customers, so I've made the studio's prices very fair. If, however, you have a large project of 40 hours or more, I am open to discussing project rates within reason. 

Money should be the last thing on anyone's mind when recording a record, so full payment for your session is required in order to secure your time slots. That way, when you walk in the door, we're all just thinking about the music.

A full refund can be made up to 48 hours before your booked time if you need to cancel. 

Usually, setup and breakdown is included in your booked time, unless I am feeling randomly generous. Plan on that setup and breakdown time happening when you walk in and before you leave.

Please don't arrive early to a session - even 15 minutes beforehand may interrupt someone with another client. 5 minutes or so before a session is fine. There's a great pretzel place around the corner if you're really early.





Tel: 202-681-1305

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